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Natural Sesame Seed

sesame seeds

The Sesame crop (Sesamum indicum L) is of great importance to small and medium Guatemalan farmers. The crop happens in Guatemala during the months of August through December as an alternative to other main crops.

Guatemalan sesame seed is recognized among the best varieties in the market because of its organoleptic characteristics, such as its almond flavor and aroma, pearly white color and large grain size. This characteristics makes Guatemala’s variety the choice of most demanding customers.

Natural Sesame Seed is primarily used as a condiment or garnish in many ethnic dishes and bakery.





Sesame Seed is packed in white polypropylene bags 100 lbs.





Sesame Bags Imexpro


  • Sesame Seed can be loaded in 20 feet dry containers max. capacity 40,000 lbs.
  • Or 40 feet dry containers max. capacity 46,000 lbs.